Provided by: clamav-getfiles_0.5-4_all bug


       clamav-getfiles - preliminary manpage


       clamav-getfiles is a script that uses freshclam to download current
       virus databases from the clamav web site and packages them up to a
       clamav-data.deb package for installation on a system that cannot do the
       download for itself or for local distribution.

       clamav-getfiles doesn’t take any parameters.

       It places the .deb file and accompanying source package in the current


       The following environment variables can be used to control the package
       build process:

       CLAMSCAN - Path to the clamscan binary. Default: $(which clamscan)

       FRESHCLAM - Path to the freshclam binary. Default:

       SIGTOOL - Path to the sigtool binary. Default: $(which sigtool)

       DEBHELPERVERSION - Version of Debhelper to have clamav-data build
       depend on. Default: Hardcoded into the script.

       DISTRIBUTION - Distribution to put in the changelog. Default: local

       AUTOGENWARNING - Warning to put into the package description. If
       "none", no warning is included. Default: Warning text hardcoded into
       the script.


       0 - Package built successfully.

       1 - An error has happened during database download.

       2 - Package didn’t pass verification tests.

       3 - An error has happened during package build.

       10 - No new databases have been found, no new package built.


       Many. Be prepared to debug.


       clamav-getfiles and this manpage was written by Marc Haber.