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       cpimage - make a copy of a SystemImager image.


       cpimage  [  -help  ]  [ -version ] [ -verbose ] [ -force ] [ -directory
       PATH ] [ -server HOSTNAME ] [ -ssh-user USERNAME ] [ SOURCE_IMAGE  ]  [


       This manual page documents briefly the cpimage command.

       cpimage makes a copy of a SystemImager image.


       A summary of options is included below.

       -help  Show summary of options

              Display version and copyright information.

              Explain what is being done.

       -force Don’t  ask  for  confirmation before overwriting the destination
              image or master autoinstall script (if they exist).

       -directory PATH
              The full path and directory name where you want this image to be
              stored.   The  directory  bearing  the image name itself will be
              placed inside the directory specified here.

       -server HOSTNAME
              Hostname or IP address of the imageserver from which you want to
              copy the image. (Defaults to "localhost".)

       -ssh-user USERNAME
              Username  for ssh connection to the imageserver.  Only needed if
              a secure connection is required.


       lsimage(8), mvimage(8), rmimage(8)

       More details can be found in the SystemImager manual.


       This manual page was compiled  by  dann  <<>>  for  the
       Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                               11 November 2004                     CPIMAGE(8)