Provided by: cupsys-driver-gutenprint_5.0.0~rc2-0ubuntu6_i386 bug


       cups-genppdupdate - update CUPS+Gutenprint PPD files


       cups-genppdupdate [-h] [-n] [-q | -v] [-s ppd-directory]


       cups-genppdupdate  regenerates the Gutenprint PPD files in use by CUPS,
       using  the  PPD   files   under   /usr/share/cups/model/gutenprint   as
       templates.    The  new  PPD  file  replaces  the  old  PPD  file  under
       /etc/cups/ppd, but all the options set in the old PPD  will  be  merged
       into the new PPD, provided that they are still valid in the new file.

       cups-genppdupdate  does  not  restart  cupsd.  cupsd will need manually
       reloading (or send SIGHUP) once cups-genppdupdate has completed.


       -h     Show a help message.

       -n     No action.  The program will run, but the old PPD files will not
              be replaced.

       -q     Quiet mode.  No messages will be issued, apart from errors.

       -v     Verbose  mode.   More informative messages will be issued.  Note
              that extremely verbose  output  may  be  turned  on  by  setting
              $debug=1  in  the  source, but this output will not be of use to
              the average user.

       -s ppd-directory
              Use ppd-directory as the base directory to read PPD files  from.
              By  default,  the  base  directory is /usr/share/ppd/gutenprint.
              Under  this  directory,   the   PPD   files   are   located   in
              subdirectories according to language code and territory.


       cups-genppd(8),   cups-genppdconfig(8),  CUPS  Software  Administrators
       Manual, http://localhost:631/documentation.html


       Copyright ©  2002-2003 Roger Leigh (

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under  the  terms  of  the  GNU  General  Public License, version 2, as
       published by the Free Software Foundation.

       This manual page was written by Roger Leigh (