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       DansGuardian 2


       /etc/rc.d/init.d/dansguardian [stop|start|status|restart]


       A Introduction

       DansGuardian  is  a  web content filtering proxy(1) for Linux, FreeBSD,
       OpenBSD, and Solaris that uses Squid(2) to do  all  the  fetching.   It
       filters  using  multiple  methods. These methods include URL and domain
       filtering, content phrase filtering, PICS  filtering,  MIME  filtering,
       file extension filtering, POST filtering.  The content phrase filtering
       will check  for  pages  that  contain  profanities  and  phrases  often
       associated  with  pornography  and other undesirable content.  The POST
       filtering allows you to block or limit web upload.  The URL and  domain
       filtering is able to handle huge lists and is significantly faster than
       squidGuard.  The filtering has configurable domain, user and source  ip
       exception lists.  SSL Tunneling is supported.  The configurable logging
       produces a log in an easy to read format which has the option  to  only
       log   the  text-based  pages,  thus  significantly  reducing  redundant
       information such as every image  on  a  page.   DansGuardian  is  under
       continuous  development and so it is best to visit the web site for the
       latest information.

       (1) Technically DansGuardian is more of a filtering pass-through than a
       true proxy - but don’t let that worry you!

       (2)  DansGuardian  should  work  with  any  proxy,  not just Squid. For
       example, it is known to work with Oops.


       For all further information including copyright,  support,  FAQ,  docs,
       mailing list - please go to: Mirror:


       DansGuardian is copyright Daniel Barron 2001.