Provided by: debsecan_0.4.0_all bug


       debsecan-create-cron  -  Create  cron  entry  for  the  Debian Security


       debsecan-create-cron suite
       debsecan-create-cron --generic


       debsecan-create-cron creates a cron  entry  for  debsecan,  the  Debian
       security  analyzer.   The suite specifies the Debian release the system
       is running.

       The cron entry runs hourly,  but  debsecan  itself  restricts  actually
       processing  to  once  a  day.  The minute the cron job runs is selected
       randomly, to reduce peak server load.

       debsecan-create-cron --generic creates a generic cron  entry  which  is
       does  not  include  a suite argument.  (This is only used to initialize
       debsecan without user interaction;  you  should  specifiy  the  correct
       suite  when  invoking debsecan-create-cron manually, so that debsecan’s
       output will contain additional information.)

       If the cron entry is  no  longer  marked  as  automatically  generated,
       debsecan-create-cron will refuse to overwrite it.


       debsecan was written by Florian Weimer.


       debsecan(1), cron(8)

                                  2005-12-19                       DEBSECAN(8)