Provided by: dgipip_0.1a-4_i386 bug


       dgclient - Request an AmprNet Dynamic Route Server to configure a route


       dgclient  [-t  msgtimer]  [-k  password]  [-p   port]   [-d]   <server>


       dgclient  periodically  sends a specially formatted UDP datagram to the
       supplied server which is assumed to be an AmprNet Dynamic Gateway Route
       Server. The datagram supplies the network address and mask of a network
       that the client wishes to have routed to it via IPIP encapsulation.  An
       optional  password  may  be  supplied to the server to authenticate the
       client to it if required.

       Sending the dgclient program a SIGHUP,  SIGTERM,  SIGUSR1,  or  SIGUSR2
       will cause it to send three request commands to remove the encapsulated
       route and exit.


       -t msgtimer
              specifies the time interval between refresh messages sent to the
              server.  This should always be set to a value no larger than the
              dynamic route timer being used at the server.  UDP  is  a  lossy
              protocol  so  it  may be wise to make this value at most half of
              the server route  timeout  to  ensure  that  one  lost  datagram
              doesn’t cause the route to be lost.

       -k password
              specifies  the  optional  password  to  supply to the server for
              authentication purposes.

       -p port
              species an optional UDP port to use if the default  of  1234  is
              not being used.

       -d     causes the daemon stay running in the foreground of the terminal
              in which it was executed. The default is to automatically detach
              from the terminal and run in the background.

       server specifies the name of the Dynamic Gateway Route Server.

              specifes  the  encapsulated  route  you wish routed to you. This
              should be supplied  in  CIDR  format,  ie.  would
              specify   the  network  address  and  a  netmask  of
    ; 24 bits.


       dgclient was written by Terry Dawson <> and based
       on  the  protocol  described  by  the MFNOS implementation developed by
       Barry   Siegfried,   K2MF.    Bug   reports   should   be    sent    to
       <> or <>.