Provided by: wide-dhcpv6-relay_20060114-1ubuntu1_i386 bug


     dhcp6relay - DHCPv6 relay agent


     dhcp6relay [-Ddf] [-b boundaddr] [-H hoplim] [-r relay-IF]
                [-s serveraddr] interface ...


     dhcp6relay acts as an intermediary to deliver DHCPv6 messages between
     clients and servers, and is on the same link as a client.  dhcp6relay
     needs command line arguments interface ..., which specifies the list of
     links accommodating clients.

     Options supported by dhcp6relay are:

     -d      Print debugging messages.

     -D      Even more debugging information is printed.

     -f      Foreground mode (useful when debugging).  Although dhcp6relay
             usually prints warning, debugging, or error messages to
             syslog(8), it prints the messages to standard error if this
             option is specified.

     -b boundaddr
             Specifies the source address to relay packets to servers (or
             other agents).

     -H hoplim
             Specifies the hop limit of DHCPv6 Solicit messages forwarded to

     -r relay-IF
             Specifies the interface on which messages to servers are sent.
             When omitted, the same interface as interface will be used.  When
             multiple interface are specified, this option cannot be omitted.

     -s serveraddr
             Specifies the DHCPv6 server address to relay packets to.  If not
             specified, packets are relayed to ff05::1:3 (All DHCPv6 servers).


     dhcp6c(8), dhcp6s(8)

     Ralph Droms, Editor, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6
     (DHCPv6), RFC 3315, 2003.


     The dhcp6relay command first appeared in WIDE/KAME IPv6 protocol stack