Provided by: drbdlinks_1.04-2_all bug


       drbdlinks - manages links into a shared DRBD partition


       drbdlinks [start|stop|auto|status|monitor]


       drbdlinks  is a program which manages links into a DRBD partition which
       is  shared  among  several  machines.   It  is  meant  to  be  used  in
       conjunction  with  the  heartbeat  system for simplifying management of
       high   availability   clusters.    A   simple    configuration    file,
       "/etc/drbdlinks.conf", specifies the links.  This can be used to manage
       links for "/etc/apache", "/var/lib/pgsql", and other system directories
       that  need  to  appear  as if they are local to the system when running
       applications after a DRBD shared partition has been mounted.

       A sample  configuration  file  with  annotations  is  included  in  the
       drbdlinks distribution.

       When  run  with "start" as the mode, drbdlinks will rename the existing
       files/directories,  and  then  make  symbolic  links  into   the   DRBD
       partition.  "stop" does the reverse.

       The "monitor" and "status" modes will check the file-system against the
       configuration file and will report "running"  (monitor  mode)  or  "OK"
       (status  mode)  if  all  links  appear to be up.  Otherwise they report
       "down" or "stopped" (respectively).

       By default, the rename appends .drbdlinks to the name, but this can  be
       overridden in the configuration file.

       An  init  script is included which runs "stop" before heartbeat starts,
       and after heartbeat stops.  This is done to try to ensure that when the
       shared partition isn’t mounted, the links are in their normal state.


       DRBD(8), drbdadm(8), drbdsetup(8), heartbeat(8).


       drbdlinks was written by Sean Reifschneider <>.

       This  manual  page  was written by Cyril Bouthors <>,
       for the Debian project (but may be used by others).  Sean Reifschneider
       modified  it  for  status and monitor arguments, and included it in the
       base drbdlinks release.

                                 July  9, 2005                    DRBDLINKS(8)