Provided by: dropbear_0.48.1-1_i386 bug


       dropbear - lightweight SSH2 server


       dropbear [-FEmwsgjki] [-b banner] [-d dsskey] [-r rsakey] [-p port]


       dropbear  is  a  SSH 2 server designed to be small enough to be used in
       small memory environments, while  still  being  functional  and  secure
       enough for general use.


       -b banner
              bannerfile.  Display the contents of the file banner before user
              login (default: none).

       -d dsskey
              dsskeyfile.  Use the contents of the file  dsskey  for  the  dss
              host  key  (default: /etc/dropbear/dropbear_dss_host_key).  This
              file is generated with dropbearkey(8).

       -r rsakey
              rsakeyfile.  Use the contents of the file  rsakey  for  the  rsa
              host  key  (default: /etc/dropbear/dropbear_rsa_host_key).  This
              file is generated with dropbearkey(8).

       -F     Don’t fork into background.

       -E     Log to standard error rather than syslog.

       -m     Don’t display the message of the day on login.

       -w     Disallow root logins.

       -s     Disable password logins.

       -g     Disable password logins for root.

       -j     Disable local port forwarding.

       -k     Disable remote port forwarding.

       -p port
              Listen on specified tcp port port; up to  10  can  be  specified
              (default 22 if none specified).

       -i     Service  program  mode.   Use  this option to run dropbear under
              TCP/IP servers like inetd, tcpsvd,  or  tcpserver.   In  program
              mode the -F option is implied, and -p options are ignored.

       -a     Allow remote hosts to connect to forwarded ports.


       Matt Johnston (
       Gerrit Pape ( wrote this manual page.


       dropbearkey(8), dbclient(1)