Provided by: nut-dev_2.0.3-4build1_i386 bug


       dummycons - Driver for testing UPS software


       dummycons [port]


       This program looks like a standard UPS driver to upsd(8) and allows you
       to set any value for testing purposes.  It is interactive, and does not
       enter the background.


       With  no  arguments,  dummycons  will  assume  a  port  name of "null".
       Otherwise, it will use the first argument that you supply as  the  port
       name.  This port name must match the one given in ups.conf(5).

       You  can  run  multiple  instances  if needed, as long as they all have
       different port names.


       By default, you get 5 variables preloaded  with  information  when  the
       program starts.  They are:

      = dummycons

            driver.version = (varies)

            ups.mfr        = Console testing

            ups.model      = Dummy UPS

            ups.status     = OL

       To  create  more variables or change the existing values, use the (s)et
       command.  These variables may be deleted  with  the  (d)elete  command.
       The (l)ist command will show everything that you have created.

       Variables can contain spaces if you remember to quote them just like in
       the config files.  That is, if you want to register both on battery and
       low battery, you need to do something like this:

            Command (? for help): s ups.status "OB LB"

       Other  commands  are available, and follow this general pattern.  Use ?
       in the program to see the full list.


       This driver was written in a bar one afternoon when I realized  that  I
       had  neither  Xdialog to run dummyups (since removed from the tree) nor
       an actual UPS on hand.  It has also been  used  to  debug  things  like
       upsmon(8)  in  places  where  you  could  never  have a UPS ‐ like on a
       commercial airliner.


       Instant commands and SET commands don’t do anything useful.   You  will
       get  a  notice on the screen when it is received from upsd, but nothing
       else happens.

       This will need to change in the  future  when  the  infrastructure  for
       confirming these actions has been added.



   Internet resources:
       The NUT (Network UPS Tools) home page:

                                Mon Jul 14 2003                   DUMMYCONS(8)