Provided by: dwww_1.9.27_i386 bug


       dwww-format-man - batch format manual pages for dwww


       dwww-format-man directory ...


       dwww-format-man  looks for manual pages in the directories named on the
       command line.  It formats each manual  page,  and  puts  the  formatted
       version  into  the dwww document cache.  System administrator’s can run
       dwww-format-man if they want to make it faster to retrieve manual pages
       via  dwww.   If  dwww-format-man  is  not  run, dwww will automatically
       format manual pages not in its cache.  Long pages take a few moments to
       format, but rarely so slow that it is worth running

       dwww-format-man   uses   su(1)  command  to  run  dwww-convert(8)  with
       privileges of DWWW_CGIUSER .


       dwww(8), dwww-convert(8), su(1).


       Lars Wirzenius  <>.   Slightly  modified  by  Robert  Luberda
       See dwww(8) for copyrights and stuff.