Provided by: defrag_0.73pjm1-7_i386 bug


       e2dump - dump details of filesystems.


       e2defrag [ -sgmfG ] [ -b block-number ] [ -i inode-number ] [ -n file ]


       e2defrag will dump details of a second extended (ext2) file  system  to
       the screen.


       -s     Dumps the superblock.

       -g     Dumps the groups tables.

       -m     Dumps the block allocation bitmaps in hexadecimal.

       -f     Prints some statistic for all fragmented files on the device

       -G     Prints group usage statistic.

       -d     Displays  a  picture of the device allocation (set by default if
              no other options are set).

       -b block-number
              Dumps the contents of the block block-number.

       -i inode-number
              Dumps the inde data and allocation chain of inode inode-number

       -n file
              Dumps  the  inode  data  and  allocation  chain  of  the   inode
              associated with file.


       defrag(8), mkfs(8), fsck(8), mkefs(8), efsck(8), mke2fs(8), e2fsck(8)


       Written  by  Stephen  Tweedie.  Adaptation for the xia, ext2 filesystem
       and the picture option are done by Alexey  Vovenko  and  Ulrich  Habel.
       Much  of  the  initial  version  was  developed from the fsck and efsck
       programs by Linus Torvalds and Remy Card.

       Send  bug  reports,  fixes,  improvements,  comments  and  fan-mail  to