Provided by: eagle-usb-utils_2.1.1-2_i386 bug


       eaglectrl - advanced controls for eagle-usb driver.


       eaglectrl [-h|--help] [-v|--version] [-o|--options options-file]
                 [-c|--cmvs file] [-d|--dsp dsp-file] [-i|--if]
                 [-s|--sync sec] [-p|--print] [-w|--wizard] [-g|--get-debug]
                 [-x|--set-debug debug-mask] [-l|--list-debug]


       This manual page documents briefly the eaglectrl commands.


       -h, --help
              Show summary of options.

       -v, --version
              Show the version number of program.

       -o, --options file
              Set       options       file       (file       defaults       to

       -c, --cmvs file
              Set cmvs file (file defaults to /etc/eagle-usb/CMVep.txt).

       -d, --dsp dsp-file
              Send  Options,  CMVS,  and DSP file path is either a path to the
              DSP file or to a directory containing DSP  files  for  ISDN  and
              POTS.  In  this case eaglectrl will choose which file to send to
              modem   depending   on   the    modem    type.    Defaults    to

       -i, --if
              Print modem interface name.

       -s, --sync sec
              Wait  sec seconds for modem to be operationnal. If sec is 0 wait
              until synchro happens (infinite). Defaults to 60.

       -p, --print
              Display detected devices.

       -w, --wizard
              Wizard mode. Works if you have ONLY 1 eagle  modem  plugged  in.
              Choose  itself sequence to send to modem (firmware/DSP ..) NOTE:
              You can use it in conjunction with -o, -d and -s to specify  the
              options file, DSP file and synchro timeout values to use.

       -g, --get-debug
              Get debug mask.

       -x, --set-debug debug-mask
              Set driver debug-mask to the given value, which can either be an
              haxadecimal  number  (0x0,  0xFF)  or  a  list  of  debug  flags
              separated  by a comma. A list of available flags can be given by
              the --list-debug option.

       -l, --list-debug
              Display a list of available flags for the debug-mask.


       eaglestat(8), eagleconfig(8), eaglediag(8), startadsl(8),  stopadsl(8).


       Cyril Martin.

                               february 24, 2004                  EAGLE-USB(8)