Provided by: estraier_1.2.28-1_i386 bug


       estserver - web server featuring full-text search.


       estserver  [-host name] [-port num] [-div num] [-uid num] [-dtype type]
       [-auth user:pass] [index conffile tmplfile topfile]


       This manual page documents briefly the estserver commands.

       estserver is a web server featuring full-text search.

       It publishes contents under the current directory,  and  when  the  URL
       ‘/estsearch’  is  requested, it provides interfaces of full-text search
       as with ‘estsearch.cgi’. If no argument is specified, casket is read as
       the inverted index, ‘estsearch.conf’ is read as the configuration file,
       ‘estsearch.tmpl’ is read as the template file, and  ‘’  is
       read as the top page file.

       index  specifies an inverted index created with the command ‘estindex’.
       conffile  specifies   the   configuration   file   commonly   used   by
       ‘estsearch.cgi’.  tmplfile specifies the template file commonly used by
       ‘estsearch.cgi’.  topfile specifies the top page file commonly used  by


       A  summary  of  options is included below.  For a complete description,
       see the /usr/share/doc/estraier/spex.html

              specifies the host name. By default, the server is binded to all
              network  interfaces,  and  the  host  name is specified with the
              formal name of the system.

              specifies the port number of the server. By default, it is 4210.

              specifies the number of child processes. By default, it is 4.

              specifies  the user ID of child processes. By default, it is the
              same with the parent. This  option  is  available  only  if  the
              executant of the parent process is the super user.

              specifies  the  content  type  of  files  without any suffix. By
              default, it is ‘application/octet-stream’.

              specifies a user and his password for the basic  authentication.
              By default, no authentication is performed.


       For  example,  if  you  run  the  server  at  the port 8888 of the host
       ‘’       and       publish        contents        under
       ‘/home/mikio/public_html’, install configuration files and the inverted
       index there, and perform the  following  command.  After  that,  access
            cd /home/mikio/public_html
            estserver  -host -port 8888 casket estsearch.conf

       Supported methods are GET, POST, and HEAD. CGI is  not  supported.  The
       setting   of  ‘indexname’,  ‘tmplfile’,  and  ‘topfile’  in  the  prime
       configuration file are ignored. Log messages are output to the standard

       Processes  of  this  command  are  composed  of one parent and multiple
       children.  Requests from clients are dealt by the children. Each  child
       exits  when  he  have  dealt  128  requests.  The  parent  generates an
       alternate child as soon as a child exits. According to this  mechanism,
       safe  and  parallel  processing is realized.  To stop the service, send
       SIGINT signal (Control-C) to the parent.  If  0  is  specified  as  the
       number of children, the parent itself deals requests.


       estindex(1),   estfilter(1),   estfind(1)  estautoreg(1),  estmbtomh(1)
       estwolels(1), estxview(1), estsiutil(1).


       estraier   was    written    by    Mikio    Hirabayashi    <mikio    at>.

       This manual page was written by Fumitoshi UKAI <>, for
       the Debian project (but may be used by others).