Provided by: evms_2.5.4-5ubuntu6_i386 bug


       evms_gather_info - Display information about all EVMS volumes


       evms_gather_info [no options]


       The  evms_gather_info  command  is  a  shell  script that runs the EVMS
       Command-Line Interpreter (evms(8)) and performs a  number  of  queries.
       evms_gather_info  displays  the following lists regarding the internals
       of EVMS on the current system:

       ·  EVMS plug-ins

       ·  Disks recognized by EVMS

       ·  Disk segments

       ·  Storage containers

       ·  Storage regions

       ·  Feature objects

       ·  Volumes

       This information may be useful  when  deciding  how  to  configure  the
       volumes  on your system. This information is also useful when reporting
       bugs or other issues to the EVMS maintainers.

       The output from this command can be quite extensive. It is advisable to
       pipe the output to your favorite pager or redirect it to a file.


       evms(8), evms_activate(8),


       Kevin Corry