Provided by: exim_3.36-18ubuntu1_i386 bug


       exicyclog - program to cycle exim logs




       The exicyclog script cycles the main and reject log files. Each time it
       is run the files get ’shuffled down’ by one. The mainlog  file  becomes
       mainlog.1,  the previous mainlog.1 becomes mainlog.2 and so on, up to a
       limit which is set in the script, and which defaults to 10. However, if
       no  mainlog  file  exists,  the  script  does  nothing. Reject logs are
       handled similarly. Files that ’drop off’ the end are deleted. All files
       with numbers greater than 1 are compressed, using a compression command
       which is configured in the script.

       It is usual to run exicyclog daily from a crontab entry of the form

         1 0 * * *  /usr/sbin/exicyclog

       In this way, each day’s log is (mostly) in a separate file. There  will
       be  some  overlap  from processes that have the log open at the time of

       The exicyclog script can be run as the Exim user when one  is  defined,
       as  the log files will be owned by that user in that case. Otherwise it
       has to be run as root.


       There is extensive documentation available in  /usr/share/doc/exim  and
       in the info system regarding exim.  Please be sure to have the exim-doc
       package installed.


       This  manual  page  was  stitched   together   by   Christoph   Lameter
       <>  from  the original documentation coming with the
       sourcepackage for the Debian GNU/Linux system.