Provided by: exim_3.36-18ubuntu1_i386 bug


       exinext - program to extract information from exim retry database


       exinext domain


       A utility called exinext (mostly a perl script) provides the ability to
       fish specific information out of  the  retry  database.  Given  a  mail
       domain  (or a complete address), it looks up the hosts for that domain,
       and outputs any retry information. At present, the retry information is
       obtained  by  running  exim_dumpdb  (see below) and post-processing the
       output. For example:

         exinext error 146: Connection refused
           first failed: 21-Feb-1996 14:57:34
           last tried:   21-Feb-1996 14:57:34
           next try at:  21-Feb-1996 15:02:34 error 146: Connection refused
           first failed: 20-Jan-1996 13:12:08
           last tried:   21-Feb-1996 11:42:03
           next try at:  21-Feb-1996 19:42:03
           past final cutoff time

       You can also give exinext a local local_part, without a domain, and  it
       will  give  any  retry  information for it. Exinext is not particularly
       efficient, but then it isn’t expected to be run very often.


       There is extensive documentation available in  /usr/share/doc/exim  and
       in the info system regarding exim.  Please be sure to have the exim-doc
       package installed.


       This  manual  page  was  stitched   together   by   Christoph   Lameter
       <>  from  the original documentation coming with the
       sourcepackage for the Debian GNU/Linux system.