Provided by: exim_3.36-18ubuntu1_i386 bug


       exiqsumm - script to summarise contents of mail queue


        mailq | exiqsumm [-a] [-c]


       The  perl  script  called exiqsumm summarises a mail queue, by grouping
       together all entries that are addressed to the same domain, and listing
       the  number  of  messages,  number  of bytes, and the oldest and newest
       messages in a domain.

       Count  Volume  Oldest  Newest  Domain
       -----  ------  ------  ------  ------

           4    5222     16d      5d

       By default, the output is sorted by domain name; with the -a option  it
       is sorted by the age of the oldest message for that domain, with the -c
       option it is sorted by the count of messages queued for that domain.


       There is extensive documentation available in  /usr/share/doc/exim  and
       in the info system regarding exim.  Please be sure to have the exim-doc
       package installed.


       This manual page was stiched together by  Mark  Baker  <>
       from a quick look at the code for the script.

       The script was written by Christoph Lameter.