Provided by: cnews_cr.g7-39_i386 bug


       explode  -  expand  a relaynews master batch file into all the ordinary
       batch files implied


       explode [ file ... ]


       Explode reads a master batch file produced by relaynews(8CN) and writes
       all  the plain batch files described therein.  Explode should be run in
       /var/spool/news, since the input file  will  almost  certainly  contain
       path names relative to /var/spool/news.

       The format of the input file(s) is

            # optional comments
            <> news/admin/12435 2097
            F out.going/site1/togo
            f /var/spool/news/out.going/site2/togo
            n out.nntp/site3
            I out.going/site4.wehave/togo

       where  2097  is  the  article  size  in  bytes,  and where there is one
       <message-id> line per article and an F, f, n or I line per site getting
       that article.


       news(5), newsbatch(8CN), relaynews(8CN)


       Written by Geoff Collyer at Software Tool & Die.

                                  28 Aug 1994                     EXPLODE(8CN)