Provided by: hylafax-server_4.2.5-1_i386 bug


       faxinfo - print information about a received facsimile


       /usr/sbin/faxinfo [ -n ] file.tif


       faxinfo  prints  descriptive information on the standard output about a
       received facsimile file.  For example:

                  Sender: +14159657824
                   Pages: 3
                 Quality: Normal
                    Page: North American Letter
                Received: 1996:01:19 13:51:02
              TimeToRecv: 0:39
              SignalRate: 14400 bit/s
              DataFormat: 2-D MR

       This  information  is  typically  included  in  the  notification  mail
       generated  by  the  faxrcvd(8)  script  when a facsimile is received by

       The -n option suppresses the printing of the filename.


       The information that faxinfo prints is obtained from the tags stored in
       the  TIFF image that is written by the HylaFAX software.  If faxinfo is
       presented with  an  invalid  TIFF  image  it  may  print  uninteresting
       information.  Similarly if a TIFF image that was not written by HylaFAX
       is supplied as  an  argument  then  only  partial  information  may  be
       printed—this  is  because HylaFAX stores certain information in private
       tags that other TIFF writers may not emit.


       hylafax-server(5), faxrcvd(8), faxgetty(8)

                               November 15, 1996                    FAXINFO(8)