Provided by: fence-gnbd_1.20060222-0ubuntu5_i386 bug


       fence_gnbd - I/O Fencing agent for GNBD-based GFS clusters


       fence_gnbd [OPTION]...


       fence_gnbd  is  an  I/O Fencing agent used when GFS is accessed through
       GNBD.  It uses the gnbd_import program  and  tells  a  GNBD  server  to
       ignore I/O from a specified machine.

       fence_gnbd  accepts  options on the command line as well as from stdin.
       fence_node sends the options through stdin when  it  execs  the  agent.
       fence_gnbd  can  be  run  by  itself with command line options which is
       useful for testing.


       -h     Print out a help  message  describing  available  options,  then

       -m     Selects  multipath  style fencing. With multipath style fencing,
              if fence_gnbd cannot contact the kgnbd_portd process on the gnbd
              server  node,  it will fence that server node. This is necessary
              to insure that there is no way for the fenced client  to  access
              the  storage  through  that  server.   WARNING:  Multipath style
              fencing must be used on a node if it is using pool  multipathing
              with GNBD devices.

       -q     quiet mode, no output.

       -s node
              gnbd client machine to fence.

       -t node
              server machine to fence the gnbd client from.  If this option is
              not given, the specified gnbd client node will  be  fenced  from
              all  gnbd  server  nodes that have GNBDs imported by the machine
              running  fence_gnbd.   Using   the   -t   option   is   strongly
              recommended.   The -t option may be used multiple times to fence
              a client from multiple servers.

       -V     Print out a version message, then exit.


       agent = < param >
              This  option  is  used  by  fence_node(8)  and  is  ignored   by

       ipaddr = < clustername >
              The  cluster name of the node to be fenced (required) NOTE: This
              parameter no longer allows the IP address  of  the  node  to  be
              used. This parameter is deprecated. Please use nodename instead.

       nodename = < clustername >
              The cluster name of the node to be fenced (required)

       servers = < hostname [ hostname ... ] >
              A whitespace seperated list of the servers to fence  the  client
              from, in either IP address or hostname form.

       option = multipath
              Select  multipath  style  fencing. WARNING: When multipath style
              fencing is used, if the kgnbd_portd process  of  a  gnbd  server
              node  cannot  be  contacted,  it  is  fenced  as well, using its
              appropriate fencig method.  This means that  when  a  client  is
              fenced,  any  node  listed  as its server that does not have the
              gnbd_serv module loaded (which starts kgnbd_portd) will also  be

       retrys = < param >
              Number of times to retry connecting to the server after a failed
              attempt, before the server is fenced.  This  parameter  is  only
              valid  when  used with multipath style fencing (see above).  The
              default is 3.

       wait_time = < param >
              length of  time,  in  seconds,  to  wait  between  retrys.  This
              parameter  is  only valid when used with multipath sytle fencing
              (see above). The default is 2.


       fence(8), fenced(8), gnbd_import(8)