Provided by: fence_1.20060222-0ubuntu5_i386 bug


       fence_tool - A program to join and leave the fence domain


       fence_tool <join | leave | wait> [OPTION]...


       fence_tool is a program used to join or leave the default fence domain.
       Specifically, it starts the fence daemon (fenced) to  join  the  domain
       and  kills  fenced  to  leave  the  domain.   Fenced can be started and
       stopped directly without using this program, but fence_tool takes  some
       added steps that are often helpful.

       Before  joining  or  leaving the fence domain, fence_tool waits for the
       cluster be in a quorate state.  The user can  cancel  fence_tool  while
       it’s  waiting  for  quorum.   It’s generally nicer to block waiting for
       quorum here than to have the fence daemon itself  waiting  to  join  or
       leave the domain while the cluster is inquorate.

       Since  fence_tool  join is the usual way of starting fenced, the fenced
       options -j, -f, and -c can also be passed to  fence_tool  which  passes
       them on to fenced.

       A  node must not leave the fence domain (fenced must not be terminated)
       while CLVM or GFS are in use.


       -w     Wait until the join  is  completed.   "fence_tool  join  -w"  is
              equivalent to "fence_tool join; fence_tool wait"

       -h     Help.  Print out the usage syntax.

       -V     Print version information.

       -D     Enable debugging output and don’t fork (also passed to fenced)

       -j secs
              Post-join fencing delay (passed to fenced)

       -f secs
              Post-fail fencing delay (passed to fenced)

       -c     All nodes are in a clean state to start (passed to fenced)


       fenced(8), fence(8), fence_node(8)