Provided by: fence_1.20060222-0ubuntu5_i386 bug


       fence_vixel - I/O Fencing agent for Vixel FC switches


       fence_vixel [OPTION]...


       fence_vixel  is  an  I/O  Fencing agent which can be used with Vixel FC
       switches.  It logs into a Vixel  switch  via  telnet  and  removes  the
       specified  port  from the zone.  Removing the zone access from the port
       disables the port from being able to access the storage.

       fence_vixel accepts options on the command line as well as from  stdin.
       fenced  sends  parameters  through  stdin  when  it  execs  the  agent.
       fence_vixel can be run by itself with command  line  options  which  is
       useful for testing.

       After  a  fence  operation  has  taken  place the fenced machine can no
       longer connect to the Vixel FC switch.   When  the  fenced  machine  is
       ready  to  be brought back into the GFS cluster (after reboot) the port
       on the Vixel FC switch needs to be enabled. In order to  do  this,  log
       into the Vixel FC switch. Then go to:

       config->zones->config   <port>   <comma-separated-list-of-ports-in-the-

       Then apply

       Consult the Vixel manual for details


       -a IPaddress
              IP address of the switch.

       -h     Print out a help  message  describing  available  options,  then

       -n port
              The port number to remove zoning from on the switch.

       -p password
              Password for login.

       -V     Print out a version message, then exit.


       agent = < param >
              This   option  is  used  by  fence_node(8)  and  is  ignored  by

       ipaddr = < hostname | ip >
              IP address or hostname of the switch.

       passwd = < param >
              Password for login.

       port = < param >
              The port number to remove zoning from on the switch.


       fence(8), fence_node(8)