Provided by: ftpwatch_1.19_all bug


       ftpwatch - Notifies you of changes on remote ftp servers




       ftpwatch  is a program intended to be run as a cron job. Every user who
       wants to use it should install it into his crontab file.  That  is  add
       something like:

           47 5    * * 7 /usr/sbin/ftpwatch

       The  user  should  then  create a .ftpwatchrc file. If one is found the
       specifed files and directories in that file  will  be  dired,  and  the
       result  is stored as separate files in a .ftpwatch directory i the home
       directory.  diff(1) is invoked to find any changes since last  run.  If
       any are found, the output of diff is mailed to the user.


       Each  user  can  place  a  .ftpwatchrc  file in there home directories,
       listing the files or directories they are intrested in. The  format  is
       simpel. Each line of the file is of the following type:


       Where  <Host>  is the hostname of the ftp server and <File> is the file
       or directory to watch. If you instead want to watch an entire directory
       structure  recoursly  you  can  add  an R to the config line of the dir
       whoes subdirs you are intresed in, like this:



       Hakan Ardo <>

                                7 Januari 1997                     FTPWATCH(8)