Provided by: zaptel_1.2.5-1_i386 bug


       fxotune — automatically tune FXO channels on a Digium TDM400 card


       fxotune -i <dialstr> — detect

       fxotune -s — load settings


       fxotune is a script that fine-tune parameters of the FXO modules of the
       TDM400 card. Whene run in detect mode (-i) it detects and tunes all the
       FXO  channels  of  such  cards.  It needs a dial string after which the
       line(s) will give dial tone.

       It writes settings to a configuration file (/etc/fxotune.conf , name is
       hardwired) from which it can be loaded (e.g: at startup) using -s .


              dialstr  Start  detecting optimal settings.  dialstr Is a number
              needed to dial to get a dial tone.  The test  can  take  several
              minutes, and must be performed when Asterisk is not running.

              For example:
                     fxotune -i 9
              if  you need to dial 9 for an external line. If you always get a
              line, you can simply use any digit.

              Load settings from the last test. Used at startup.


              The configuration file generated by fxotune in detect  mode  and
              from which configuration is loaded when -s is used.


       ztcfg(8), zttool(8), ztmonitor(8), asterisk(8).


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