Provided by: gidentd_0.4.5-7.1_i386 bug


       gidentd - RFC1413 compliant ident daemon


       gidentd [options]

       [  -46adhi  ] [ -c <config file> ] [ -l <log file> ] [ -p <port> ] [ -P
       <pidfile> ]


       gidentd is a fully  functional,  RFC1413  compliant  ident  daemon.  It
       provides  IPv4/IPv6  functionality  and IPv4-Masquerading, too. gidentd
       was written by Joern Heissler. Its possible to  run  the  gidentd  from
       inetd or as standalone daemon.


       -4     Run gidentd in IPv4 mode, don’t use IPv6.

       -6     Run gidentd in IPv6 mode.

       -a     auto detect inetd.

       -d     Run gidentd in daemon mode, don’t use inetd.

       -h     Display the help message from gidentd

       -i     Run gidentd from inetd, don’t run as daemon.

       -l     Specify the logfile to which gidentd should write it’s messages.

       -p     Specify the port on which gidentd should listen for connections.

       -P     Specify the pidfile for gidentd


              gidentd configuration file, useless at this moment


       gidentd was written by Joern Heissler <>