Provided by: gradm_1.9.15-2_i386 bug


       gradm - Administration program for grsecurity ACLs


       gradm  [  -E  ]  [  -R ] [ -L [logfile] ] [ -O <filename|stream> ] [ -M
       <filename|uid> ] [ -D ] [ -T <subject> <object> ] [ -P ] [ -a ] [ -h  ]
       [ -v ]


       gradm  is  the userspace ACL parsing and authentication program for the
       grsecurity Access Control List System.

       grsecurity aims to be a complete security system for Linux 2.4.   gradm
       performs several tasks for the ACL system including authenticated via a
       password to the kernel and parsing ACLs to be passed to the kernel.


       All options to gradm are mutually exclusive, except for -L and -O.

       -E     Enable the ACL system

       -R     Reload the ACL system (only valid while in admin mode)

       -M <filename|uid>
              Remove an execution ban on a given uid or filename that has been
              put  in  place  by the RES_CRASH resource restriction of the ACL

       -L [logfile]
              Parses the learning logs.  Accepts an  optional  argument  which
              specifies  the  kernel  logfile  to  scan for the learning logs.
              Learning logs are logged through syslog with a  level  of  INFO.
              If   the  argument  is  not  specified,  gradm  will  scan  your
              /etc/syslog.conf file to find a  suitable  log  to  scan.   This
              option has to be used with -O.

       -O <filename|stream>
              Specifies  output  mode.  Requires a single argument that can be
              "stdout", "stderr", or a regular file.  Only used with -L.

       -D     Disable the ACL system

       -T <subject> <object>
              Displays the permissions for object allowed by subject

       -P     Setup the password for the ACL system

       -a     Obtain full administrative capabilities(override ACL system)

       -h     Display help information

       -v     Print version information and exit


       Please include as much  information  as  possible(using  any  available
       debugging options) and send bug reports for gradm or the grsecurity ACL
       system to


       grsecurity and gradm were created and are maintained by  Brad  Spengler