Provided by: inn_1.7.2debian-30_i386 bug


       innxbatch - send xbatched Usenet articles to a remote NNTP server


       innxbatch [ -D ] [ -t timeout ] [ -T timeout ] [ -v ] host file ...


       Innxbatch  connects  to the NNTP server at the specified host and sends
       it the specified xbatch files, using the XBATCH extension to  the  NNTP
       protocol.  It  is  normally invoked by a script run out of cron(8) that
       uses shlock(1) to lock the host name, followed by a ctlinnd(8)  command
       to flush the batchfile.

       Innxbatch  normally  blocks until the connection is made.  To specify a
       timeout on how long to try to make the connection, use the ‘‘-t’’ flag.
       To  specify the total amount of time that should be allowed for article
       transfers, use the ‘‘-T’’ flag.
       The default is to wait until an I/O error occurs, or all  the  articles
       have  been transferred. If the ‘‘-T’’ flag is used, the time is checked
       just before an article is started; it will not abort a transfer that is
       in progress. Both values are measured in seconds.

       Each fileis removed after it has been successfully transferred.

       If  a  communication error such as a write(2) failure, or an unexpected
       reply from the remote server occurs, innxbatch will  stop  sending  and
       leave all remaining files untouched for later retry.

       Upon  exit,  innxbatch  reports  transfer  and CPU usage statistics via
       syslog(3).  If the ‘‘-v’’ flag is used, they will also  be  printed  on
       the standard output.

       Use  the  ‘‘-D’’ flag to print debugging information on standard error.
       This will show the protocol transactions between innxbatch and the NNTP
       server on the remote host.

       A sample newsfeeds(5) entry to produce appropriate xbatch files (thanks
       to Karsten Leipold <>):

           :/usr/lib/news/bin/batcher \
              -p "(/bin/gzip > /var/spool/news/out.going/nase.\$\$)" \

       A sample script to invoke innxbatch(8) is:

         ##  SH script to send xbatches for a site, wrapped around innxbatch
         ##  Invocation:
         ## <sitename> <hostname> <xbatch file name> ...

         if [ $# -le 3 ]
            echo "usage: $0 <sitename> <hostname> <xbatch file name>"
            exit 1

         ##  =()<. @<_PATH_SHELLVARS>@>()=

         site="$1"; host="$2"; shift; shift

         ctlinnd flush "$site" \
         && sleep 5 \
         && exec $NEWSBIN/innxbatch -v -D "$host" $*


       Written  by  Stefan  Petri  <>,   modelled   after
       innxmit(8)  and the XBATCH patch for the nntp reference implementation.


       innxmit(8), nntpsend(8), ctlinnd(8), innd(8), newsfeeds(5),  shlock(1).