Provided by: doc-base_0.7.20ubuntu7_all bug


       install-docs - manage online Debian documentation


        install-docs [ -v, --verbose ]
                     [ --no-update-menus ]
                     -i --install │
                     -r --remove  │
                     -s --status  │
                     -L --listfiles
                       <doc-id │ file>


       install-docs is a tool allow Debian package maintainers to register
       documentation to various documentation systems.  It currently supports
       dhelp and dwww.

       This manual page provides a quick synopsis of install-docs usage.  Full
       documentation can be found in the documentation, including a
       description of the control file syntax and grammar.


           Operate verbosely.

           Inhibit running update-menus(1L), used for the dwww(1) update

       -i file--install file
           Install the documentation described by the control file file.

       -r docid--remove docid
           Remove the documentation identified by the document identifier
           docid.  Document identifiers are tags which are set in the control
           file, and usually correspond to the package name.

       -s docid--status docid
           Display the status of the document identifier docid.

       -L docid--listfiles docid
           List the files associated with the document identifier docid.


       None known, but a much more robust system is being planned as the next
       generation of doc-base.


       dwww(8), Debian doc-base Manual
       /usr/share/doc/doc-base/doc-base.html/index.html, dhelp Manual


       This program was originally written by Christian Schwarz
       <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system.  Adam Di Carlo
       <> is currently maintaining and extending it.

       This software was meant to be for the benefit of the entire Debian user
       and developer community.  If you are interested in being involved with
       this software, please join the mailing list