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       ipac-convert - convert ipac accounting data


       ipac-convert  [  -f|--fetchipac FETCHIPAC ] [ -n|--nothing ] [ --start-
       step  N  ]  [  --end-step  N  ]  source_dir   source_storage   dest_dir


       ipac-convert is part of the ipac linux ip accounting package.

       ipac-convert  reads  all  data stored in an ipac database as created by
       fetchipac(8) and copies it into another. It  is  able  to  access  both
       databases  through  different  storage  methods  and  thus  can convert
       between different database types.

       On normal operation, ipac-convert reads the data from the  database  in
       the directory source_dir and copies it to the database in the directory
       dest_dir.  The source database is accessed through the  storage  method
       source_storage  and  the  destination  database is accessed through the
       storage method dest_storage.


              Tell ipac-convert which fetchipac to  use.  (ipac-convert  needs
              fetchipac to access databases.)

              Don’t  actually  do  anything, but print the commands that would
              have been executed. This shows how ipac’s database  is  accessed
              through fetchipac pretty well.

              ipac-convert  runs in four steps. Each step consists of one call
              to fetchipac.  All these  calls  are  normally  connected  in  a
              pipeline.  Using  these options, the pipline is broken up; using
              --start-step  will  remove  calls  in  front  of  the  pipeline,
              resulting  in  ipac-convert  waiting  for  input on stdin; using
              --end-step will remove  calls  at  the  back  of  the  pipeline,
              resulting  in  ipac-convert  to emit data on stdout. The numeric
              argument to these options is a step number 1 ... 4.

              The  steps  are:  (1)  list  timestamps  of  source;  (2)  strip
              timestamp  count line (that is the first line); (3) list records
              from source and (4) store records in destination.


       If the source database is corrupted, results are undefined.


       This man page belongs to ipac version  1.31.   For  updates  and  other
       information, look at


       Moritz Both <> Al Zaharov <>