Provided by: ipopd_2002edebian1-13_i386 bug


       IPOPd - Post Office Protocol server





       IPOP2d  and  IPOP3d  are servers which support the POP2 and POP3 remote
       mail access protocols respectively.  IPOP2d and IPOP3d can also be used
       by  POP2  and  POP3  clients  to  access  mailboxes  on IMAP servers by
       specifying  a  login  user  name  in  the  form   <host>:<user>   e.g.,

       These  daemons  contain  CRAM-MD5  and  APOP  support.  See the md5.txt
       documentation file for additional information.

       These daemons have been  compiled  with  MD5  and  APOP  support.   See
       /usr/share/doc/libc-client2001/md5.txt for additional information.

       POPd  is  invoked  by  the internet server (see inetd(8)), normally for
       requests to connect to the POP port as indicated by  the  /etc/services
       file (see services(5)).




       The  POP2  and POP3 protocols are intrinsically less flexible than IMAP
       and do not maintain ‘read’ vs ‘unread’  state  on  the  server.   As  a
       result,  most POP based software transfers all the mail from the server
       to the client and deletes it from the server.  This  necessarily  locks
       the user into using only a single client.

       POP3  does not allow you to specify an alternate folder from the user’s