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       ircd - The Internet Relay Chat Program Server


       ircd   [-dlinefile   filename]   [-configfile   filename]   [-klinefile
              filename] [-logfile filename] [-pidfile filename]  [-foreground]
              [-version] [-debug]


       ircd  is  the  server  (daemon)  program  for  the  Internet Relay Chat
       Program.  The ircd is a server in that its function is to  "serve"  the
       client  program  irc(1)  with  messages and commands.  All commands and
       user messages are passed  directly  to  the  ircd  for  processing  and
       relaying to other ircd sites.


       -dlinefile filename
              Specifies  the  D-line  file  to be used.  This file is used for
              both reading D-lines at startup, and writing to  while  ircd  is

       -configfile filename
              Specifies  the ircd.conf file to be used for this ircdaemon. The
              option is used  to  override  the  default  ircd.conf  given  at
              compile time.

       -klinefile filename
              Specifies  the  K-line  file  to be used.  This file is used for
              both reading K-lines at startup, and writing to  while  ircd  is

       -logfile filename
              Specifies  an alternative logfile to be used than that specified
              in config.h

       -pidfile filename
              Specifies the used. The option is used to override  the
              default given at compile time.

              Makes ircd run in the foreground

              Makes ircd print its version, and exit.

       -debug Makes  ircd  start  in  debug  mode.   Ircd  must be compiled in
              DEBUGMODE for this to work.


       If you plan to connect your ircd server to an existing Irc-Network, you
       will  need  to alter your local IRC configuration file (typically named
       "ircd.conf") so that it will accept and make connections to other  ircd
       servers.   This  file  contains  the  hostnames, Network Addresses, and
       sometimes passwords for connections to other ircds  around  the  world.
       Because  description  of the actual file format of the "ircd.conf" file
       is beyond the scope of this document, please refer to the file  INSTALL
       in the IRC source files documentation directory.


       The  ircd  server  can be started as part of the Unix boot procedure or
       just by placing the server into Unix Background.  Keep in mind that  if
       it  is  not part of your Unix’s boot-up procedure then you will have to
       manually start the ircd server each time your Unix is  rebooted.   This
       means  if your Unix is prone to crashing or going for for repairs a lot
       it would make sense to start the ircd  server  as  part  of  your  UNIX
       bootup procedure.


              tolsun% bin/ircd

       Places  ircd  into  Unix  background  and starts up the server for use.
       Note:  You do not have to add the "&" to this command, the program will
       automatically detach itself from tty.
              leguin% bin/ircd -foreground

       Runs ircd in the foreground.


       (c) 1988,1989 University of Oulu, Computing Center, Finland,

       (c)  1988,1989 Department of Information Processing Science, University
       of Oulu, Finland

       (c) 1988,1989,1990,1991 Jarkko Oikarinen

       (c) 1997-2004 The IRCD-Hybrid project.

       For full COPYRIGHT see LICENSE file with IRC package.






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