Provided by: hwtools_0.8-6_i386 bug


       irqtune - A Linux IRQ Priority Optimizer


       irqtune [options] [master] [slave]


       This  manual  page  explains  the  way to use the irqtune program. This
       program changes the IRQ priority  of  devices  to  allow  devices  that
       require  high  priority and fast service (e.g. serial ports, modems) to
       have it.
       With irqtune, a 3X speedup of serial/modem throughput is possible.


       irqtune [options] [master] [slave]
          master -- high priority IRQ on PIC master (DEFAULT: 3)
          slave -- high priority IRQ on PIC slave (DEFAULT: 14)



               general options:
                 -h -- display help
                 -v -- display irqtune version
                 -o -- reset to original values (0/8)
               priority table options:
                 -q -- suppress priority table printing
                 -s -- sort table by priority
                 -x -- show inactive devices in table
               error control options:
                 -e -- show full errors
                 -f -- force loading even if probe detects errors
                 -u -- force module unload
                 -V -- insmod verbose mode
                 -w -- treat warnings as errors
               documentation options:
                 -F<file> -- use <file> instead of /proc/interrupts
                 -i -- install program
                 -L<directory> -- directory to search for insmod
                 -n -- nogo mode (just show what would happen)


       Does not seems to work on interrupts superior to 14.  May fail to  load
       on  certain  kernel versions. See /usr/share/doc/irctune/README.html or


       Pierre Ancelot <>>