Provided by: jabber-jit_1.1.6-9build2_i386 bug


       jabberd-jit - The jabber server


       jabberd-jit [ -c configfile ] [ -H path ] [-DVv ]


       Jabber  is  a  Free  Instant  Messaging  System,  which  is designed to
       interoperate with several other IM systems, such as AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSM,
       so you only need one client to use all these IM systems.
       This manpage describes the jabberd-jit server daemon, jabberd-jit.
       This  daemon,  is  a trimmed down version of the WPJabber daemon and is
       provided for the sole purpose of running the JIT transport.
       You will find more information on JIT at


       -c <configfile>
              Tells the server which config file to use

       -D     Enable debug output

       -H <path>
              Location of home folder

       -v     Shows server version

       -V     Shows server version


       This manual page written by Jamin W. Collins.