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       jabberd - The jabber server


       jabberd  [  -c configfile ] [ -H path ] [ -h hostname ] [ -s spooldir ]
       [-DVv ]


       Jabber is a  Free  Instant  Messaging  System,  which  is  designed  to
       interoperate with several other IM systems, such as AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSM,
       so you only need one client to use all these IM systems.
       This manpage describes the jabber server daemon, jabberd.
       The daemon, when called, will look for its the configuration  file,  in
       /etc/jabber/jabber.xml  (or  elsewhere  if  you use the -c option), and
       start listening on port 5222.
       You will find more information on Jabber at
       Note: on Debian GNU/Linux Jabber is started by /etc/init.d/jabber which
       is  sourcing  /etc/jabber/jabber.cfg  for  initial  daemon options like
       hostname and spooldir.


       -c <configfile>
              Tells the server which config file to use

       -D     Enable debug output

       -h <hostname>
              Hostname to be used

       -H <path>
              Location of home folder

       -s <path>
              Location of the spool folder. This is not a builtin option,  but
              referenced by the config file with the following line:

       -v     Shows server version



       This manual page contributed by Jeronimo  Pellegrini  and  extended  by
       Bernd Eckenfels.