Provided by: kerberos4kth-kdc_1.2.2-11.3ubuntu4_i386 bug


     ext_srvtab - extract service key files from Kerberos key distribution
     center database


     ext_srvtab [-n] [-r realm] [hostname...]


     ext_srvtab extracts service key files from the Kerberos key distribution
     center (KDC) database.

     Upon execution, it prompts the user to enter the master key string for
     the database.  If the -n option is specified, the master key is instead
     fetched from the master key cache file.

     For each hostname specified on the command line, ext_srvtab creates the
     service key file ~ hostname-new-srvtab, containing all the entries in the
     database with an instance field of Ar hostname .  This new file contains
     all the keys registered for Kerberos-mediated service providing programs
     which use the krb_get_phost(3) principal and instance conventions to run
     on the host hostname.  If the -r option is specified, the realm fields in
     the extracted file will match the given realm rather than the local


     verify_master_key: Invalid master key, does not match database.
                   The master key string entered was incorrect.


     ~ hostname-new-srvtab
                   Service key file generated for

     /var/kerberos/principal.pag, /var/kerberos/principal.dir
                   DBM files containing database

     /.k           Master key cache file.


     read_service_key(3), krb_get_phost(3)