Provided by: modutils_2.4.27.0-3ubuntu1_i386 bug


       ksyms - display exported kernel symbols.


       ksyms [-ahm]


       Ksyms  shows  information about exported kernel symbols.  The format is
       address, name, and defining module.

       -a, --all
              Display all symbols.  By default, symbols from the kernel proper
              are suppressed.

       -h, --noheader
              Suppress the column header.

       -H, --help
              Display a summary of options and exit.

       -m, --info
              Display  module information.  Includes each module’s kernel load
              address and size in the listing.

       -V, --version
              Display the version of ksyms.


       insmod(8), modprobe(8), depmod(8), rmmod(8), lsmod(8).


       ksyms [ -V | --version ] should exit immediately.  Instead,  it  prints
       the version information and behaves as if no options were given.

       Although  the  fix for this bug is trivial, it changes the behaviour of
       modutils.  Given the large number of distributions and scripts that run
       modutils  and  expect the current behaviour, any change of behaviour is
       unacceptable in 2.4.  Don’t bother sending patches  for  this  bug,  it
       will not be fixed in 2.4, it should be fixed in 2.5.


       The ksyms command was first conceived by Bjorn Ekwall <>
       The     ’-m’     option     was     inspired     by     David     Hinds
       Updated for 2.1.17 by Richard Henderson <>