Provided by: ndiswrapper-utils_1.8-0ubuntu2_i386 bug


       loadndisdriver - load ndis drivers


       loadndisdriver [option]driver


       This  manual  page  documents briefly the loadndisdriver command.  This
       manual page  was  written  for  the  Debian  distribution  because  the
       original  program  does  not  have  a  manual  page.   Instead,  it has
       documentation in a text file; see below.

       loadndisdriver is a support program for a kernel module. It loads  ndis
       drivers for the ndiswrapper kernel module.


       A list of options is included below.


       The programs are documented fully by /usr/share/doc/ndiswrapper/INSTALL


       This manual page was written by Erik  Rigtorp  <>,  for
       the Debian project (but may be used by others).

                                  1 June 2004                LOADNDISDRIVER(8)