Provided by: smail_3.2.0.115-7_i386 bug


       logsumm - generate a summary of the Smail log file(s).


       /usr/lib/smail/logsumm [-E] [-L logsumm.awk ] [-t tmpdir ] [-v]


       Logsumm reads through a log file generated by smail(8) creates a
       summary of what it finds.

       Logsumm is called from chkerr(8) with the -Ev options.


                      The main Smail configuration file.  The runtime
                      configuration specifies the actual location of the log

                      This AWK program is the main part of logsumm, which is
                      itself just a wrapper shell script which sets operating
                      parameters for the AWK program and then feeds log files
                      to it.

                      The default executable used for examining the runtime

                      The default name for the transaction log file.  This can
                      be changed in the Smail config file.

                      Archived version of the transaction log file.  The
                      directory /var/log/smail is always reset to be within
                      the directory where the log file currently resides, and
                      thus can be changed in the Smail config file.

       /var/mail/tmp  The default name for the temporary directory.


       awk(1), smail(5), chkerr(8), and smail(8).


       The underlying AWK script which does the actual work will only process
       new-style (SMAIL_LOG_STYLE=2) log files.