Provided by: zmailer_2.99.56-2_i386 bug


       mail.local - store mail in a mailbox


       mail.local [-7] [-d] [-l] [-f from] user ...


       Mail.local reads the standard input up to an end-of-file and appends it
       to each user’s mail file.  The user must be a valid user name.

       The options are as follows:

       -7        Do not advertise 8BITMIME support in LMTP mode.

       -b        Return a permanent error instead of a temporary  error  if  a
                 mailbox exceeds quota.

       -d        Specify this is a delivery (for backward compatibility).

       -f from   Specify the sender’s name.

       -l        Turn on LMTP mode.

       -r from   Specify the sender’s name (for backward compatibility).

       Individual  mail messages in the mailbox are delimited by an empty line
       followed by a line  beginning  with  the  string  ‘‘From  ’’.   A  line
       containing  the string ‘‘From ’’, the sender’s name and a time stamp is
       prepended to each delivered mail message.  A blank line is appended  to
       each  message.   A  greater-than  character (‘‘>’’) is prepended to any
       line in the message which could be mistaken for a ‘‘From  ’’  delimiter
       line  (that  is,  a  line  beginning with the five characters ‘‘From ’’
       following a blank line).

       The mail files are exclusively  locked  with  flock(2)  while  mail  is
       appended,  and  a  user.lock  file also is created while the mailbox is
       locked for compatibility with older MUAs.

       If the ‘‘biff’’ service  is  returned  by  getservbyname(3),  the  biff
       server is notified of delivered mail.

       The mail.local utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.


       TZ     Used to set the appropriate time zone on the timestamp.


       /tmp/local.XXXXXX     temporary files
       /var/mail/user        user’s mailbox directory
       /var/mail/user.lock   lock file for a user’s mailbox


       mail(1), xsend(1), flock(2), getservbyname(3), comsat(8), sendmail(8)


       A  superset  of  mail.local  (handling  mailbox reading as well as mail
       delivery) appeared in Version 7 AT&T UNIX as the program mail.

                         $Date: 1999/08/26 15:49:20 $            MAIL.LOCAL(8)