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       make-fai-bootfloppy - create a FAI boot floppy


       make-fai-bootfloppy [OPTIONS] [<kernel parameters>]


       Creates  a  boot  floppy  for  the  Fully  Automatic Installation (FAI)
       package. This  shell-script  wrapper  simplifies  the  complexities  of
       creating  a  FAI  boot  disk  for use with DHCP or BOOTP protocols.  It
       creates a bootfloppy using grub (default) or lilo as boot  loader.  The
       installation  kernel  is  also  put onto the floppy disk which supports
       DHCP, BOOTP protocol and  a  fixed  IP  address  for  the  installation
       server. All parameters are used as additional kernel parameters.

       The exit code returned is 0 if all commands to build the root directory
       exited successfully and >0 if an error occurs.


       -B     Make a big 2.88M floppy instead of the default 1.44M floppy.

       -c CFDIR
              Use CFDIR instead  of  /etc/fai  for  reading  the  config  file

       -d LABEL

              Use   LABEL   when   selection  the  default  boot  kernel  (and
              parameters).  Possible values of LABEL:
                a for any: the linux kernel will try all compiled in protocols
              in turn, until one succeeds;
                b for BOOTP;
                d for DHCP;
                f  for  using a fixed IP address on the FAI client (see option
                r for RARP.

              Without this option, the kernel setting ’ip=dhcp is used.

       -F     Append   default   flags   to   kernel   parameters.   Same   as

       -f FILE
              Make a floppy image in FILE.

       -i FILE
              Make a iso9660 image in FILE (requires also -f FILE).

       -I IF  Use IF as client interface (default: eth0).

       -g     Use GRUB as boot loader (default).

       -l     Use LILO as boot loader.

       -m DIR Use  DIR  as  mountpoint  for  either  floppy  device  or  file.
              Defaults to /floppy.

       -s HOST
              Prepare a host specific bootfloppy which will  boot  the  kernel
              with  the  fixed  IP of HOST (i.e., insert network configuration
              into kernel command line’s "ip=" statement).  All necessary data
              are gathered by DNS A lookup.

       -v     Print verbose output


       Create a generic boot floppy


       Create a generic boot floppy for James ;-)

       # make-fai-bootfloppy "FAI_FLAGS=sshd,createvt BOND=007"

       Make  a  common  floppy  which  uses the DHCP protocol as default, some
       common flags and action sysinfo

       Create a bootable cdrom image, that can be burned using cdrecord(1)

       #  make-fai-bootfloppy  -f  /tmp/fai_floppy.img   -i   /tmp/fai_iso.img

       Make  a  common  floppy  which  uses the DHCP protocol as default, some
       common flags and action sysinfo

       # make-fai-bootfloppy -vF FAI_ACTION=sysinfo

       Make a boot floppy with fixed IP adress, enable  verbose  messages  and
       additional terminals.

       #    make-fai-bootfloppy    -l    -d   f   " FAI_FLAGS=verbose,createvt"

       To make a boot floppy for my old SMC EtherCard Plus Elite 16T, I use

       # make-fai-bootfloppy "reserve=0x300,32 ether=10,0x300,eth0"


       make-fai-bootfloppy will attempt to access /dev/fd0 unless  the  option
       -f   is   used.   IT  IS  NOT  DEVFSD  compatible  unless  your  devfsd
       installation remaps the  floppy  device  to  the  common  device  alias


       This  program  is  part of FAI (Fully Automatic Installation).  See the
       FAI manual for more information on how to use make-fai-bootfloppy.  The
       FAI homepage is


              The FAI configuration file. CFDIR is set with option -c


       Thomas Lange <>