Provided by: cnews_cr.g7-39_i386 bug


       mergeactive  -  bulk  addition  of  newsgroups, merging in other site’s
       active file


       mergeactive [ -# ] file ...


       Mergeactive does mass addition of newsgroups to the active file, in the
       way  that  is usually most useful: it merges in an active file obtained
       from another host.  The file argument(s) (standard input if  none)  are
       concatenated,  checked for various inconsistencies, and then merged in.

       The merging process preserves existing  newsgroups  in  active,  adding
       only  ones  not yet known on this host.  The second and third fields of
       new newsgroups are initialized to 0000000000 and 00001 respectively.

       The -# option suppresses the final substitution of the  new  files  for
       the  old  ones,  leaving  the new active file as active.tmp and the new
       active.times file as actimes.tmp, for testing or debugging.


       newsdb(5), addgroup(8CN)


       Written at U of Toronto by Henry Spencer.


       Does not check the new newsgroups to see whether they are  in  the  sys
       file’s subscription list for this site.

       Possibly should be fussier about syntactic correctness of new newsgroup
       names; at present it only checks for a few glaring mistakes.

                                 16 Sept 1994                 MERGEACTIVE(8cn)