Provided by: metalog_0.7.0-2_i386 bug


       metalog - an alternative syslog daemon


       metalog       [--async]       [--daemonize]       [--consolelevel=0..7]
       [--configfile=config file] [--help] [--pidfile=pid file] [--sync]


       Metalog is a modern replacement  for  syslogd  and  klogd.  The  logged
       messages  can  be  dispatched  according  to  their  facility, urgency,
       program name and/or Perl-compatible regular expressions. Log files  can
       be  automatically  rotated  when  they  exceed  a  certain size or age.
       External shell  scripts  (ex:  mail)  can  be  launched  when  specific
       patterns are found.
       Metalog  is  easier  to  configure  than syslogd and syslog-ng, accepts
       unlimited number of rules and has (switchable) memory bufferisation for
       maximal performance.


              Improve  performance  by  using buffers (bug log files won’t get
              updated in real time)

              have the server start in background (daemonization) .

              Set the console log level (Linux only).

       --configfile=config file
              Use an alternate configuration file.

       --help Output help information and exit.

       --pidfile=pid file
              Use an alternate file to store the process number.

       --sync Start in synchronous mode, with no bufferization.




       Leo Lipelis <>
       Hendrik Visage <>
       Frank DENIS (Jedi/Sector One) <>