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       mge‐shut - Driver for MGE UPS serial SHUT Protocol UPS equipment


       This  man  page  only  documents  the hardware‐specific features of the
       mge‐shut  driver.   For  information  about  the   core   driver,   see


       mge‐shut  support  all recent MGE UPS models which use the SHUT (Serial
       HID UPS Transfer) protocol at 2400 bps. Supported models are:

           Pulsar Ellipse S,
           Pulsar Ellipse USBS
           Pulsar Ellipse Premium S,
           Pulsar Ellipse Premium USBS
           Pulsar EXtreme C,
           Pulsar Esprit,
           Pulsar Evolution,
           NOVA AVR (Serial),
           Galaxy 3000 / PW (with RS232 HID COM ports card, ref 66066).

       Older models, such as Pulsar ESV+, Pulsar EX and Pulsar  ES+,  use  the
       U‐Talk protocol and should use the mge‐utalk driver.


       This   driver   supports   the   following  optional  settings  in  the

              Set the low battery  warning  threshold  at  which  shutdown  is
              initiated  by  upsmon(8).   The  factory default value is 30 (in
              percentage), and only be settable depending on the exact  model.

              Set  the timer before the UPS is turned off after the kill power
              command is sent (via the -k switch).  The default  value  is  20
              (in seconds), and MUST BE LOWER than ondelay.

              Set the timer for the UPS to switch on in case the power returns
              after the kill power command had been sent but before the actual
              switch  off. This ensures the machines connected to the UPS are,
              in all cases, rebooted after a power failure.  The default value
              is  3 (in 10 seconds units, which means 30 seconds), and MUST BE
              GREATER than offdelay.

              Set notification type to 1 (no), 2  (light)  or  3  (yes).   The
              default  value  is  3 (yes) because of some early Ellipse models
              which need it.


   Pulsar Ellipse S: Repetitive stale statusLoss of communication
       Several users have reported "data stale"  errors  with  Pulsar  Ellipse
       equipment.   This  lasts  around  10 seconds and happens once every few
       hours.  This is due to the fact that the SHUT protocol is verbose,  and
       the driver sometimes does not handle all of it during the usual polling
       interval in upsd.  To solve this problem, change the value of MAXAGE to
       25  in  upsd.conf.   Also  add  "notification=3" in ups.conf (thanks to
       Julien Lesaint and Fabien).


       Arnaud Quette <> or <>

       Philippe Marzouk <>


   The core driver:

   Internet resources:
       The NUT (Network UPS Tools) home page:

       MGE      UPS       SYSTEMS       SHUT       protocol       information:

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