Provided by: smail_3.2.0.115-7_i386 bug


       mkaliases - build the aliases database for smail from the ASCII source




       Mkaliases reads the ASCII source file for an aliases database and
       builds the aliases database according to the configuration information
       in /build/buildd/smail-  Run this program
       whenever changes have been made to the ASCII source file.  If this
       program is not used, smail may not notice the changes that have been
       made.  /usr/sbin/newaliases is another name for the mkaliases program
       and is retained for compatibility with BSD sendmail(8) configurations.

       The aliases database can be in a dbm(3X) database, a sorted text file,
       or a plain text file.  In the latter case, the ASCII source file
       doubles as the database file.  In the case of an aliases database
       accessed through the Sun YP service, mkdbm(8) or the sun makedbm(8)
       program must be used to build the YP database.  See the Smail
       Administration Guide (as yet unwritten) for more information on
       interfacing smail to the YP service.

       The mkline(8) program, distributed with smail, is used to remove
       comments and regularize the aliases file.  Then, for sorted databases,
       the mksort(8) program, with the -f option, is used to create the sorted
       database.  For dbm databases, the mkdbm(8) program, again with the -f
       option, is used to create the database.  In either case, care is taken
       to ensure that smail never uses a truncated or partially built
       database.  For plain text databases, a summary of the contents is
       displayed, but no changes are actually made.  If the aliases file is
       accessed through the YP service, a messages is displayed stating this
       and no changes are actually made.


       /etc/aliases   The name of the aliases database.  This is a plain text

                      The file giving the default configuration for smail.


       mkline(8), mksort(8), mkdbm(8), smail(5), smail(8), ypclnt(3), and


       Copyright (C) 1987, 1988 Ronald S. Karr and Landon Curt Noll
       Copyright (C) 1992 Ronald S. Karr

       See a file COPYING, distributed with the source code, or type smail
       -bc, to view distribution rights and restrictions associated with this