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       mkbootserver  - Configure a server so that other machines can boot from
       it over the      network.


       mkbootserver [ -f ] [ --interface=INTERFACE ] [ --localdhcp=[y|n]  ]  [
       --kernel=PATH  ] [ --initrd=PATH ] [ --tftpdir=PATH ] [ --pxelinux=PATH


       This manual page documents briefly the mkbootserver command.

       mkbootserver is a tool that  assists  in  configuring  a  network  boot
       server  (currently  just PXE servers).  It runs in both interactive and
       non-interactive modes.


       A summary of options is included below.

       -f     Turn off interactive mode.  All other options must be  specified
              for this to work.

              The interface the PXE daemon will listen on.

              This  specifies  whether or not the DHCP server will run locally
              or on another machine.

              The full path to the kernel that clients should boot.

              The full path to the initial ramdisk that clients should use.

              The full path to the directory from which the tftp  server  will
              serve files.

              The full path to the pxelinux bootloader.  This is a part of the
              syslinux package.


       makedhcpserver(8), makedhcpstatic(8)

       More details can be found in the SystemImager manual.


       This manual page was compiled  by  dann  <<>>  for  the
       Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                               11 November 2004                MKBOOTSERVER(8)