Provided by: smail_3.2.0.115-7_i386 bug


       mkhpath - produce path data from an /etc/hosts file


       /usr/lib/smail/mkhpath [ -n netname ] [ -c cost ] [ -g gateway ] [ -d ]
       [ - | filename ]


       Mkhpath takes as input a hosts file, in the format of the  4.3BSD  file
       /etc/hosts,  and  creates  path  data  suitable  for  use by a smail(8)
       pathalias router (see smail(5) for information on routers).  The output
       is  also  suitable  for merging in with the output of pathalias(8), and
       can be made suitable as input to pathalias.

       The hostnames localhost and loghost are  ignored,  as  are  any  domain
       names (names containing dot characters).

       This  command  is  useful  for  sending  information  about a network’s
       connectivity to hosts that are not on that network.  As a general rule,
       the smail gethostbyname router driver precludes the need for this tool.


       The following options are recognized by mkhpath:

       -n netname
              Generate output which is suitable as input to pathalias(8) as  a
              description   of   an   interconnected   network  named  netname
              connecting together all hosts named in the hosts file.

       -c cost
              Set the cost for the network gateway to cost.  This may  be  any
              valid  pathalias  cost expression and is only useful with the -n

       -g gateway
              Set the gateway for all of  the  hosts  in  the  hosts  file  to
              gateway.  This can be used either with or without the -n option.
              If neither -g nor -n are used, then the local host is assumed to
              connect to all of the hosts directly.

       -d     Only  use  lines  that  contain  a  domain  name  (i.e.,  a name
              containing one or more dots) as one of the  names  for  a  host.
              Such domain names are not used themselves, but lines that do not
              contain any domain names are ignored.

       If a filename argument is used, then the host information is read  from
       this file.  If an argument of - is specified instead, then the standard
       input is used.  Otherwise the file /etc/hosts is used  to  obtain  host


       pathalias(8), smail(5), smail(8), mkpath(8), and pathmerge(8).


       Copyright (C) 1987, 1988 Ronald S. Karr and Landon Curt Noll
       Copyright (C) 1992 Ronald S. Karr

       See  a  file  COPYING,  distributed with the source code, or type smail
       -bc, to view distribution rights and restrictions associated with  this