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       mkinitramfs - generate an initramfs image


       mkinitramfs [-d confdir] [-k] [-o outfile] [-r root] [version]


       The  mkinitramfs script generates an initramfs image.  The initramfs is
       an cpio archive.  At boot time, the kernel unpacks  that  archive  into
       ram  disk,  mounts and uses it as initial root file system. All finding
       of the root device happens in this early userspace.


        -d  confdir
              Set  an  alternate  configuration  directory  to  obtain  hooks,
              scripts    and    configuration    files    from,   instead   of

        -k    Keep the temporary directory used to make the image.

        -o  outfile
              Write the image to outfile.

        -r  root
              Override the ROOT setting in mkinitramfs.conf.


              The   default   configuration   file   for   the   script.   See
              initramfs.conf(8)   for   a   description   of   the   available
              configuration parameter.

              Specified modules will be put in the generated image and  loaded
              when  the system boots. The format - one per line - is identical
              to that of /etc/modules, which is described in modules(5).

              If this file exists, it will be appended to the initramfs  in  a
              way that causes it to be loaded by ACPI.


       The  initramfs-tools  are  written by Jeff Bailey <>.
       This manual is maintained by Maximilian Attems <>.



                              $Date: 2005/07/15 $               MKINITRAMFS(8)