Provided by: mouseemu_0.15-2_i386 bug


       mouseemu - Emulate mouse buttons and mouse wheel


       mouseemu [options]


       Mouseemu  is  a  daemon to emulate mouse buttons on trackpads with only
       one button.  It lets you:
         - emulate middle and right click
         - emulate mouse wheel
         - block trackpad while typing

       It was initially developed for Apple PowerBooks and iBooks, but it  may
       be useful on other architectures as well.

       This  program  only works when booting a 2.6 kernel because it uses the
       new uinput interface to emulate the mouse.


       -middle B2_MOD B2_KEY
              Modifier and key for the middle (second) mouse button.  Defaults
              to  F10  and  no  modifier  on  PowerPC and to none on all other

       -right B3_MOD B3_KEY
              Modifier and key for the right (third) mouse button. Defaults to
              F11  and  no  modifier  on  PowerPC  and  to  none  on all other

       -scroll SCROLL_MOD
              Modifier for the scrolling function. Defaults to Alt.

       -typing-block DELAY
              Time in milliseconds for which  the  trackpad  will  be  blocked
              while typing on the keyboard.  Defaults to 300ms.

       -device UINPUT
              Device  node  for the uinput device. Defaults to /dev/uinput. If
              this device is not read and writeable the following devices  are
              also tried: /dev/uinput, /dev/input/uinput and /dev/misc/uinput.

              don’t run in the background

       -help  show usage message

       The key codes for the buttons and modifiers are key scancodes. They can
       be  found  in  include/linux/input.h  in the kernel headers or by using
       ‘showkey‘ in a console. The keycodes must be given  as  decimal  values
       (‘showkey‘ displays hex values!).


       Mouseemu  was written by  Colin Leroy <>.  This manpage
       was originally written by Gaudenz Steinlin <> for the
       Debian  Project,  but  may be used by others under the terms of the GNU
       General Public License.

                                  2005-03-29                       MOUSEEMU(8)