Provided by: munin-node_1.2.4-1ubuntu1_all bug


       munin-node-configure - A program to view configurations for munin-node


       munin-node-configure [options]


            View this help page

            Show version information

            View debug information (very verbose)

       --config <file>
            Override configuration file [/etc/munin/client.conf]

       --servicedir <dir>
            Override plugin dir [/etc/munin/plugins/]

       --libdir <dir>
            Override plugin lib [/usr/share/munin/plugins]

       --families <family,...>
            Override families [auto]

            Show suggestions instead of status

            Show shell commands (implies --suggest)

            Also show rm-commands when doing --shell

       --snmp <hostâ”│cidr,...>
            Do SNMP probing on the host or CIDR network (e.g.
            ""). This may take some time, especially if the
            probe includes many hosts. This option can be specified multiple
            times, or once with a comma-separated list, to include more than
            one host/CIDR.

       --snmpversion <ver>
            Set the SNMP version (1, 2c or 3) to use when probing. Default is

       --snmpcommunity <comm>
            Set SNMP community to use when probing. Default is "public".


       Munin’s node is a daemon that Munin connects to fetch data. This data
       is stored in .rrd-files, and later graphed and htmlified. It’s designed
       to let it be very easy to graph new datasources.

       Munin-node-configure is a script to show the current configuration of
       which plugins the host is running, as well as suggestions on what
       changes to make to this configuration. Munin-node-configure does this
       by using munin-run(1) to ask the plugins themselves of wether they
       should be run or not.




       This is munin-node-configure v1.2.4.


       Jimmy Olsen.


       None known.


       Copyright © 2003 Jimmy Olsen

       This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is
       NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR

       This program is released under the GNU General Public License